Ae We There Yet?

C: Drunken Politics North has experienced technical difficulties. Pouring an entire glass of wine over a laptop is bad for web access. Thanks to a charming and very attractive neighbor and the loan of her laptop, this post is possible. On with the show.

The Keystone State is Ground Zero for Hilary. The horrifying debacle that was the debate, (which J. warned me not to watch), tested the metal of any politics geek. Sheesh, what a fiasco. Let's see, York Peppermint Patties is closing up shop and moving its facility from PA to Mexico, and ABC News asks about flag pins and Rev. Wright. And while Obama and Clinton spar over Drivel and Nonsense, McConfused is shoring up national credibility despite the facts. A Bush economy in the crapper, a sub-prime mortgage meltdown, war on two fronts, international disrespect, the death of the US dollar and oil prices through the roof, yet McCain has parlayed the Democrat's sniping and his veteran status into the realm of Presidential possibility. Shi'a, Shiite, who cares, eh? Economy-shomony.

With a bit of luck, Pennsylvania will stick a fork in Clinton and say she's done. Will mathematics ever kick in? This is No Child Left Behind gone mad.