Welcome to the new-new America

C: The United States of America is undergoing a unique transmogrification. Gone are the days of civility, pseudo-intellectual Constitutional misinterpretation, obfuscation and a quasi-cogent irrational argument. The Teabaggers are the new American meme. It makes me want to hum the National Anthem on the way to Walmart. To buy a 48-pack of Chinese toilet paper and a Klondike bar. I forgot my list again. Oh, and Death Panels will be decommissioned in the 2012 Palin/Bachmann administration. Thank Geezus for that. And Mexicans are involved somehow. Yes, the Mexicans. I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

And yet Hope is shining on the horizon. Slippery indictee House Leader Tom "The Hammer" Delay of Texas is kicking up his heels on Dancing With The Stars to show us the way to freedoms. Can I get a 'Whoa, Amen.'?