J: I should have expected this.

Or, from a more mainstream source:

I know it's a lot to ask, but could the Tea Party movement at least pretend to not be completely racist?

C: Tom Tancredo has always been the voice of reason and civility.

Where to begin. It's disturbing that the MSM that this frothy Tea-related collection of the Paranoid despises so greatly has now blessed the Pitchforkers with an air of credibility. Nice homework skills, Fourth Estate. Less than a thousand Father Knows Best bright pink patriots gather in the OpryLand Motel, and ta da, proof of legitimacy. Fox News, the new new MSM, hangs on every drop of spittle that the Retardocracy (thank you Rahm) blithers on and on about. And despite the Teabagger's blatant racism and xenophobia and Birtherisms and Biblical quackery, a shockingly massive number of Americans without callerID are backslapping this concept of the Idiot Patrol gone rogue. I had something else, but I wrote on my hand. My flop-sweat smeared it. Dammit. Something about the President might be 'black-ish'. Or 'Jewish' which is kinda 'Muslim-y'. Dammit. Oh, there it is on the other hand. The big question at any Convention of any kind, "Who got laid?".

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