Something Happened

C: For all of our loyal readers, Drunken Politics has not been asleep at the switch. For the most, Community service, Antarctic expeditions and Seychelles safaris have been placed in a holding pattern.

Where have you been, you may ask? Our non-partisan global commitment to provide at reasonable locally competitive rates in numerous languages and currencies ( i.e. in addition to dealing with customs officials and sensitivity to the wide-ranging norms, mores of cultures and the occasionally complicated barter systems of traditional 'non-recognized' societies) magic makers, acrylic paint, poster placard board, rounded safety scissors and an assortment of JoAnn fabric samples for flag-making keeps the team busy. As well as a growing Elmers Glue and complete out-of-the-box papier-mache figurehead solution. Note: We do not provide lumber or matches or kazoos. The board meets next month to discuss expansion into the crowded funny hat marketplace.

Right then. If one was not paying attention, a Historic Healthcare bill became the Law of the Land March 22, 2010 when President Barack Obama signed the mildly controversial bill with 22 different pens. A small portion of Congressional Republicans are under the impression that the signed legislation is still a debatable work in progress. Schoolhouse Rock could not be reached for comment at this press deadline.

Drunken Politics analysis to follow.

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